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Nenos de Letonia sen pañais

diciembre 4, 2009
Acabo de recibir este email de xente que esta axudando a outra xente en Letonia. A crise económica que sufre este país non se fala aló das fronteiras porque a prensa letona apenas existe:
Riga, Latvia, 4 de decembro 2009
“Hai unha casa de nenos sen pais en idades de 0-5 anos e para ano novo non teñen cartos para pañales. O orzamento lles chega soamente ata o venres, sábado e domingo. Os que queran mercar pañais poden deixalos a Kolumbs, na miña oficina ou no meu traballo. Dende alí os pode levar un cólega meu”.
Pero a realidade é todavía máis preocupante.

Nesta data publiquei coa axuda inestimable do xornalista alemán Thorsten Pohlmann a nova que dous magos levaron a cabo dentro dun proxecto organizado por Maris Kiselovs co nome de Butterfly Effect. Daquela xa se denunciaba o que están a padecer os nenos letóns no seu país. Hoxe a crise económica é moito máis evidente.

12/4/09 2:00:21 AM; Delmi Alvarez: RIGA; LATVIA; 17APR09. Jelena and Genadijs Palchevski with Beatriz.; On the general situation in Latvia; Budget cuts have affected the handling possibilities of the kindergarden in Latvia substantially further budget cuts; which are current discussed and planned to come in force later this year include cuts of up to 40 percent will deteriorate the already fragile situation further; and will lead in the closure; reorganization or privatization of the state run kindergarden. Kindergarden receive from the state 400 lats per child per year at the moment; which is up to 25 per cent used for electricity and communal cost of the kindergarden facility.; At the current subvention rate; 1.20 lat per person per day is available for food and beverages; only because of donors and gifts the kindergarden is able to feed the children; If the budget cuts will be realized; many kindergarden can’t upheld their services ans will have to be closed; State policy; The state urge the kindergarden not take further children; also in those cases when the children suffer from bad (parental) care due to the influence of alcohol; drug abuse and other; while the kindergarden have plenty of capacity left; Economic and social situation in Latvia; A Hugh number of children are desperately waiting for a place at a state run kindergarden; with waiting times from up to several years; The costs of private kindergarden are between 150 – 250 lats per month; which many parents can’t afford; even if they are both full time working.; At the moment; there are five state run kindergarden left in Riga; (not included other social welfare centers)

Optimization process will likely further reduce the number of the kindergardenThe kindergarden we visited is only allowed to keep the children until their 2nd birthday; the pedagogues argue that they should be able to stay until the 6 birthday; then when they are leaving for school; Three of four persons attending the interview did not agree or feel that they are subject of any kind of discrimination; yet people are also afraid to speak out and loud about the problems because they fair harassment from higher levels or to be punished otherwise or even to be fired; but the; rumors are; that money is willingly or unwillingly directed more towards latvian schools; resulting in the service stop of state run “russian schools” who slowly but suddenly will run out of money and have therefore to be closed (which is favored by some politicians) The lack and absence of strong interest groups like labor organizations; lobby groups etc; make pedagogues weak and without real representation within the government; as governmental workers; they are official not allowed to strike; and with very week labor laws; they fair to voice they concerns open; an average worker at the kindergarden receives 170 – 200 lats Nett per month; 250 – 300 euro; which is slightly higher then official minimum living standard set by the government.; The average working week is 40 hours a week although the situation is worsening; people try to keep optimistic.; They are one of the most popular and serious illusionists in Latvia. They work in this field more than 18 years. They took part in many international illusionits competitions; and have grand-prix. Organizers even invite them to open international competitions; (that shows a really big authority and mastery of those artists). Actually; on the beginning of April Jelena and Genadijs Palchevski and photographer Maris Kiselov started large charity campaign “Butterfly effect”; that is planned till the end of November and will be PanLatvian.; The aim of this campaign is to help children from children’s home to integrate into society when become 18 years old and have to leave this institution and to attract the attention of society to this problem. Problem is that today children from children’s home don’t receive help of psychologists or carieer specialists; that would help them to understand; what should they do when they come of age and have to develop their live on their own. They just face the real live when they are 18. Not all of them are prepared for that. So Jelena and Genadijs Palchevski and Maris Kiselov decided to organize campaing “Butterfly effect”; that will ilclude many elements: 1) charity concerts of Palchevski in all Latvia’s children’s homes (about 60 institutions).

This weekend there will be the first concerts.; Photographer Maris Kiselov ( will take pictures of children during the concerts. In September will be organized exhibitions of the best and impressive pictures and presentation of the photo album; that will be given to people for donations; 2) during all the campaing people can donate money; that later will be used for attracting psychologists or carieer specialists to work with children from children’s home. We have polled all the; children’s home in connection of their material needs and all of them arepublished on the blog of this campaign -unfortunately; it is only in latvian at the present moment. So everyone; who; can help whith material stuff; can contact children’s homes directly and help. Organizers believe that if everyone will help just a little bit (oneperson will give money; the other will spend the day with children; ththird will present to children footwear or computers; that they need and so; on); results will be large! That’s why campaign is called “Butterfly effect”.; We are very opened to the cooperation in coonection with this project. Whatwe need is to make this campaign visible – informing people about the possibility to take part in this campaign.

2009© Delmi Alvarez
2009© Thorsten Pohlmann

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