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_mg_5149delmixDelmi Alvarez grew up in Vigo, and studied high school. Early He began to work by day to pay studies and by night goes to the institute of Coia to finish the elementary Bachelor. He did try to follow studies of History and Geography in the University but interrupted it by traveling Canary Islands, working as temporary photographer, selling tickets for clubs in the street supporting himself. Later he went to London to study english working as bar tender, gardener and photojournalist as part-time jobs for AP, AFP and REUTERS agencies. Once he come backs to Galicia gaves workshops of photojournalism in small villages and faculties. He began the long term documentary project Galegos na Diaspora to show the Exodus of the galicians around the world traveling by Europe, Rusia, both Américas, Asia&Oceanía, África and USA.

Actually he lives in the diaspora in Riga (Latvia) from 2002.

In 1991 spent one year in Cuba working in a documentary project about the life of the cubans (Cuba, el último bastión , la lucha de un pueblo). Later in Barcelona, his work was recognized with a first and second Fotopres prizes.

This lomg term documentary project gaves to Delmi to find the roots of the Galician exodus around the world, traveling by Europa, Asia and Oceania, both Americas and África.

This project, the only one as a long term in the world of the documentary photography never was recognized to him in Galicia,

From 1190 till 1993 he covered the Yugoslavia war as correspondent for La Voz de Galicia newspaper sending pictures and texts. This experience gave to him a personal opinion about the conflicts in the world and after lost a few friends photographes he decides don’t cover more the wars. As a film maker, he has worked as a cameraman and director/producer. Recent work includes credits on “O rei galego de África” for the TVG network (Galician TV) recorded in Namibia in december 2007 and 2008. Actually he is working in a long trip by USA, Panamá, República Dominicana and Chile for a book in february 2009.

As a film maker, he has worked as a cameraman and director/producer. Recent work includes credits on “O rei galego de Africa” for the TVG network (Namibia,2007/08).

Galegos na Diáspora project is a long term documentary and professor Karla Tonella from Iowa University recognized the work in her faculty University of Iowa.

In 2014 began a degree in Anthropology.

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